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Weather in the Loiret

The influence of the sea is paramount in the climate of the Loiret, but compared to the Atlantic coastline, which is some 400 km away, the winters are slightly colder, the summers slightly warmer, the rainfall a little lighter, and the wind not as strong.

Loiret weather forecast for the next 5 days

The Loiret's climate is a variation on the standard maritime climate. The rainfall is moderate, 700 mm in an average year; the rainfall is even lighter in Beauce with only 600 mm, and slightly heavier in Sologne with more than 750 mm. The temperature reaches an average of 25°C in summer, with a record of 40°C in July 1947. The minimum average temperature is 0°C in winter, with a record of -18.7°C in January 1985.

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