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Food and Wine

Food and Wine
Pay a visit to a real country market, where authentic, local specialities await you: andouille de Jargeau, game (hare, pheasant, venison, wild boar...) fresh fish from the Loire (pike-perch, pike, whitebait...), goat and cow's cheese (inc. the delicious Cendré d'Olivet)...
In some of the recipes you may detect a subtle note of Gâtinais saffron, or else a drop of delicious Orléans vinegar, still made in the traditional manner. And let's not forget the region's sweet specialties...

Poire d’Olivet brandy

The region is also home to the famous brandy made with Olivet pears, a delicious nectar with a subtle flavour that will warm you all the way from your throat to the tips of your ears !

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Pithiviers cake (with almond paste filling)

Whether you're a beginner or a professional pâtissier, the pithiviers cake is easy to make at home, once we let you in to the secret of this authentic recipe.

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Loiret wines

A tradition rooted in the soil, with simple, natural recipes that have lost none of their authenticity. Andouille de Jargeau, sheep's milk cheese, rich game dishes... A profusion of flavours and textures best enjoyed with a glass of velvety-smooth Gien or Orléans wine.

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Fruit and vegetables

Make the most of your stay in Loiret and pay a visit to the fresh-produce market to discover some exceptional flavours.

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Montargis praslines

After tasting this renowned Montargis speciality, made with roasted almonds coated in caramel, all you can do is tip your hat to its brilliant creator.

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Gâtinais saffron

A fine, yellow-tinged spice which enhances the flavour of a dish ever-so gently - saffron's history has been linked to the history of the Loiret département for a long time. Saffron cultivation has long flourished in the Gâtinais, creating a profitable trade in the area.

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Who has never treated themselves to a spoonful of honey? A simple and universal pleasure which, in the celebrated honey-producing regions of Gatinais and Sologne, has a very distinctive flavour.

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Orléans vinegars and mustards

It may never have been the capital of France (despite many kings having stayed there), but it is the unrivalled capital of vinegar!

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