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A remarkable heritage

Architectural heritage

A château for everyone! You will soon realise that each one is unique: some are subtle and some grandiose, some unmistakeably medieval and others beautifully Renaissance, they all have one thing in common: the way they match the character of their passionate owners.  The museums of the Loiret are a true treasure trove for art lovers and history ...

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Parks, gardens and horticulture

The charm of the Loiret countryside lies in its natural richness: generous, abundantly beautiful and often harmoniously sculpted for your walking pleasure, with large, leafy parks and charming flower-lined gardens. A genuinely natural heritage, a breath of fresh air which long ago earned the Loire Valley its reputation as "France's Garden& ...

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A landscape shaped by the water

Enchanting and unpredictable, for centuries the river Loire River was one of France's most important transport and communication lifelines, watched over by the Loire River Bargemen's Guild, first established in the Roman era. Today, the river has recovered its natural identity. Today's captains have replaced yesterday's boatmen, mak ...

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Celebrations and Festivals

The Loiret has a festive side too, as you can see in the full and varied programme of events which are organised all year around. Spectacular historical re-enactments and son-et-lumière shows bring these monuments to life with emotion and wonder. A fun way of revisiting some of the most fascinating moments in the history of the Loire, and France it ...

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