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Loiret by horse

Gallop your way across the Loiret

The Loiret is a paradise for equestrian enthusiasts: there are signposted routes and natural trails all over the département, from the Beauce plains to the hillsides of Gien, the forest of Sologne to the valleys of Montargis. Not forgetting the numerous bridle paths which run through the Orléans forest.
The broad range of landscapes and terrains makes the Loiret a perfect spot for riders of all ability levels.
And there are plenty of riding clubs, schools and associations where you can start your journey, or make a stop-off. There are also plenty of places to stay along the way, and a good number of farriers.
Practical information, local guides and route maps are available to help you prepare for your ride, from simple days out to week-long expeditions.



Horseback tourism harks back to a time when horses were still man's most reliable mode of transport. Of course times have changed, and horse-riding is now a leisure activity which can make for a great active holiday or day out, with rides ranging from a few hours to several weeks.

randonnée à cheval sur les bords de Loire

Riding routes

The Loiret Departmental Committee for Equestrian Tourism recommends 6 different routes, ranging from 1 to 4 days' riding. The Committee has published a leaflet with details of accommodation along the way. You can choose the route which best suits you, deciding how many miles you wish to travel and where you want to stop off.


The Sologne Trail

From Ferté-Saint-Aubin to Ménestreau-en-Villette (2 to 3 days)
Wild heath, birch forests, sand, lakes, quaint red-brick houses, elegant châteaux nestled away amidst the greenery - a picture-postcard view of Sologne.

The banks of the Loire

From Châtillon-sur-Loire to Sandillon (2 days)
Miles of trail following the route of Europe's last great wild river. The Loire has always been a magnet to France's great and good, and previously served as a major transport artery. The traces of this rich history are plain to see: countless châteaux, churches, basilicas, barges lined up along the banks...

The Orléans Forest - Massif d'Ingrannes route
From Vitry-aux-Loges to Ingrannes (4 days)
The Massif d'Ingrannes is one of three massifs in the Orléans forest, the largest nationally-owned forest in France with 35000 hectares of trees and 300 kilometres of bridle paths.

The Orléans Forest - Massif de Lorris route
From Ouzouer-sur-Loire to Lorris (2 days)
The third largest massif in the Orléans forest is a region closely associated with the history of the Resistance in WWII. It is also known as the home of the osprey, the ‘fish eagle'.

The Montargis trail
From La Selle-sur-le-Bied to Amilly (2 days)
At the eastern edge of the département, the landscape is dominated by rolling hills and valleys, with picturesque villages, beautiful forest and the Loing river further embellishing the view.

The Pithiverais circuit
Two routes starting from Yèvre-le-Châtel, one towards Escrennes and the other towards Augerville-la-rivière (1 day)
The Gâtinais region, like the Beauce, is usually thought of as flat, fertile farmland with fields as far as the eye can see. This route takes you through some of the area's lesser-known valleys, on the saffron trail.

      For more information, please contact :

Comité départemental de Tourisme Equestre
Tél. 02 38 84 67 60
ou  06 10 28 22 60


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